This isn't fluffy stuff.

The Hell Yeah process was developed by applying research findings from behavioral science, I/O psychology, personal development, and business strategy. If you're hoping to learn that long-term happiness is found sitting on a beach with Captain Furbulous, HYP is not for you.


Whether your life is in transition, you've been dreaming about a big idea, or simply have a nagging feeling you have more to give, one project creates serious momentum.   

Using a variety of exercises and techniques, you will create a Personal Architecture, a tool developed for businesses to focus their decision making. Your learnings are then assessed against prioritized areas of your life - career, family, community, health, adventure, etc. -  to determine where a project is most needed. 


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what makes you so special? 

I hope you're not afraid of a little self assessment. We all have emotional & functional strengths but (surprise!) they're not always obvious to us. We help you define and use them to create a project that shows the world how badass you really are. 

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What do you give a sh*t about? 

If someone were to pay you a million dollars, what will you say NO to? Your answers point to your values. You will apply those values to your Hell Yeah Project ensuring you stay motivated to succeed.

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What makes your heart race?

Passion Points steer you in the direction of your "why"? Why is your project important? Studies have shown overwhelmingly that happiness comes when you're focused on giving, not consuming.  

Where is there room in your life for a project?