Get inspired by these Hell Yeah Projects. We certainly are.


Sad Lumberjack

Billy is a full time physical education teacher. He needed a side project to keep him out of trouble. Billy now builds longboards out of reclaimed wood and sells them around the world. (Full disclosure, Billy is Bridget's husband - this is when Hell Yeah Projects began to take shape.) 

For the love of art

Elise loves art. But she turned it into a job and forgot how it feels to create something just for the fun of it. Today she is curating an exhibit and opening a creative shop to share her love with the world.  


Taking a ride 

Jill felt pulled in a million directions. She wanted more time with her son and daughter but needed to contribute financially to the family. She is now a school bus driver who is loved by many families in her town and enjoying the time she gets to spend with her family. 

Eating for me

It's surprising how many people walk away from the Hell Yeah process thinking differently about their health. Kim is one of those people. Once she evaluated her values against her food habits, things started to change. She learned new techniques and now cooks and eats on purpose. 


Sweet Baby Vineyard

For 15 years Lewis built bridges. Then he decided to turn his hobby for winemaking into a career. Even better, we took his passion for local farms and combined it with his business so 10% of the profit from the half a million bottles of wine sold last year was given to local farmers. 

Planting roots

Angel was feeling restless. She moved around a lot in her life and didn't feel a sense of belonging. Her dream of planting roots for herself and her family is now a reality after purchasing her dream home.